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A childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia genome-wide association study identifies novel sex-specific risk variants.

Author:Singh SK

Other Authors: Lupo PJ, Scheurer ME, Saxena A, Kennedy AE, Ibrahimou B, Barbieri MA, Mills KI, McCauley JL, Okcu MF, Dorak MT,

Last Updated:07/11/2019


Original Source:PubMed

Type:Journal Article






Date: November  2016


A common polymorphism in the oxygen-dependent degradation (ODD) domain of hypoxia inducible factor-1alpha (HIF-1alpha) does not impair Pro-564 hydroxylation.

Author:Percy MJ

Other Authors: Mooney SM, McMullin MF, Flores A, Lappin TR, Lee FS,

Journal:Mol Cancer

Date: September  2003

A comparison of∞ —L-fucosidose activity in normal and chronic lymphocytic leukaemic lymphocytes

Author:Crockard A D

Other Authors: Bridges J M, Lewis M H R,

Journal:Biochem Soc Tran5

Date: 1980

A critical appraisal of tools available for monitoring epigenetic changes in clinical samples from patients with myeloid malignancies

Author:Gronbaek K

Other Authors: Muller-Tidow C, Perini G, Lehmann S, Bach Treppendahl M, Mills K, Plass C, Schlegelberger B,


Date: 2012


A derivative chromosome 14 resulting in partial trisomy of chromosome 12 in B-cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Author:McManus A P

Other Authors: Bailie K E M, Jess H, Desai Z R,

Journal:Cer Genet. Cytogenet

Date: 1994

A family with erythrocytosis establishes a role for prolyl hydroxylase domain protein 2 in oxygen homeostasis.

Author:Percy MJ

Other Authors: Zhao Q, Flores A, Harrison C, Lappin TR, Maxwell PH, McMullin MF, Lee FS,

Journal:Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A

Date: January  2006

A gain-of-function mutation in the HIF2A gene in familial erythrocytosis

Author:Percy MJ

Other Authors: Furlow PW, Lucas GS, Li X, Lappin TR, McMullin MF, Lee FS,

Journal:N Engl J Med

Date: January  2008

A molecular signature of dormancy in CD34CD38 acute myeloid leukaemia cells.

Author:Al-Asadi MG

Other Authors: Brindle G, Castellanos M, May ST, Mills KI, Russell NH, Seedhouse CH, Pallis M,

Last Updated:22/10/2019


Original Source:PubMed

Type:Journal Article






Date: December  2017


A new polycythaemia vera-associated SOCS3 SH2 mutant (SOCS3F136L) cannot regulate erythropoietin responses

Author:Suessmuth Y

Other Authors: Elliott J, Percy MJ, Inami M, Attal H, Harrison CN, Inokuchi K, McMullin MF, Johnston JA,

Journal:Br J Haematol

Date: November  2009

A nonsynonymous LNK polymorphism associated with idiopathic erythrocytosis

Author:McMullin M F

Other Authors: Wu C, Percy M J, Tong W,

Journal:Am J Hematol

Date: 2011


A Novel Base Change Leading to Hb Vanderbilt [beta89(F5)Ser–>Arg, AGT>AGA].

Author:Goodyer M J

Other Authors: Elhassadi E I, Percy M J, McMullin M F,


Date: 2011


A novel erythrocytosis-associated PHD2 mutation suggests the location of a HIF binding groove.

Author:Percy MJ

Other Authors: Furlow PW, Beer PA, Lappin TR, McMullin MF, Lee FS,


Date: September  2007

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