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CCN3 suppresses mitogenic signalling and reinstates growth control mechanisms in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.

Author:McCallum L

Other Authors: Lu W, Price S, Lazar N, Perbal B, Irvine AE,

Last Updated:18/08/2019


Original Source:WoS

Type:Journal Article


Journal:Journal of cell communication and signaling




Date: March  2012


CCN3- A Key Regulator of the HaemopoieticCompartment

Author:L Mc Callum

Other Authors: AE Irvine,

Journal:Blood Reviews

Date: 2009

CCN3: a key growth regulator in Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

Author:Lynn McCallum

Other Authors: Wanhua Lu, Susan Price, Noureddine Lazar, Bernard Perbal, Alexandra E Irvine,

Journal:J Cell Commun Signal

Date: 2009

CCN3: a NOVel growth factor. In: Neoplastic Transformation, Diagnosis and Therapeutic Strategy

Author:W Lu

Other Authors: L Mc Callum, AE Irvine,

Journal:Research Signposts

Date: 2009

CFU-C in Normal and Leukaemic Grantulopoiesis

Author:A E Irvine

Other Authors: T C M Morris, H Kennedy, J M Bridges,

Journal:Experimental Haematolagy

Date: 1983

CFU-GM Inhibitors in Neutropenia.

Author:Norris T C M

Other Authors: Irvine A E,

Journal:Clin. Lab. Haemat

Date: 1989

Changes in granulopoiesis detected by in vitro colony formation in acute lymphatic leukaemia

Author:Morris T C M

Other Authors: Butler M, Muldrew J G, McNeill T A, Bridges J M,

Journal:Brit J Cancer

Date: 1977

Changes in microRNA expression in acute myeloid leukaemia cell lines when treated with an inhibitory dose of 5-aza-2’-deoxycytidine, a DNA methylation inhibitor

Author:RN Armstrong

Other Authors: H Colyer, M Dellett, KI Mills,


Date: 2009

Characterisation of Genome-Wide PLZF/RARA Target Genes

Author:Spicuglia S

Other Authors: Vincent-Fabert C, Benoukraf T, Tiberi G, Saurin A J, Zacarias-Cabeza J, Grimwade D, Mills K I, Calmels B, Bertucci F, Sieweke M, Ferrier P, Duprez E,

Journal:PLoS ONE

Date: 2011


Characterisation of granulopoietic inhibitory activity.

Author:Stevenson E C

Other Authors: Irvine A E, Morris T C M, Graham G J,

Journal:The Negative Regulation of Haematopoiesis

Date: 1993

Characterisation of the effect of novel anti-cancer components of Pseudechis australis and Crotalus vegrandis snake venom on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia cells.

Author:Boncan J

Other Authors:  McCloskey K, Mills K, Dobbin S, Cobice D, McClean S,

Last Updated:20/10/2022


Original Source:PubMed

Type:Journal Article


Journal:Pharmacology 2020


Date: December  2020

Characteristics of colony growth from normal human bone marrow.

Author:Morris T C M

Other Authors: McNeill T A, Bridges J M,

Journal:J Clin Path

Date: 1974

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