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Circulating T Cell Subpopulations in Lithium-Associated Granulocytosis.

Author:A D Crockard

Other Authors:

Journal:J. Immunopharmacology

Date: 1984

Clarithromycin with low dose Dexamethasone and Thalidomide (CDT) is effective therapy in relapsed/refractory myeloma

Author:TCM Morris

Other Authors: PJ Kettle, M Drake, DR Hull, C Boyd, FCG Jones, A Morris, P Clarke, P O’Reilly, J Quinn,

Journal:Br J Haematol

Date: November  2008

Clearance of severe psoriasis after allogenic bone marrow transplantation.

Author:Bridges J M

Other Authors: Jones F G C,

Journal:Br. Med. J

Date: 1990

Clinical and haematological presentation of children and adolescents with polycythaemia vera.

Author:Holger C

Other Authors: McMullin MF, Pahl HL,

Journal:Annals of Hematology

Date: 2009

Clinical and molecular characterisation of a prospectively collected cohort of children and adolescents with polycythaemia vera

Author:Cario H

Other Authors: Schwarz K, Herter JM, Komrska V, McMullin MF, Minkov M, Niemeyer C, Pospisilova D, Reinhard D, Debatin KM, Pahl H,

Journal:British Journal for Haematology

Date: 2008

Clinical utility gene card for: familial erythrocytosis.

Author:Hussein K

Other Authors: Percy M, McMullin M F,

Journal:Eur J Hum Genet

Date: 2012


Clinical Utility of Microarray-Based Gene Expression Profiling in the Diagnosis and Subclassification of Leukemia: Report From the International Microarray Innovations in Leukemia Study Group.

Author:Haferlach T

Other Authors: Kohlmann A, Wieczorek L, Basso G, Kronnie G T, Bene M C, de Vos J, Hernandez J M, Hofmann W K, Mills K I, Gilkes A, Chiaretti S, Shurtleff S A, Kipps T J, Rassenti L Z, Yeoh A E, Papenhausen P R, Liu W M, Williams P M, Foa R,

Journal:Journal of Clinical Oncology

Date: 2010


Clonal diversity in the myeloproliferative neoplasms: independent origins of genetically distinct clones.

Author:Beer PA

Other Authors: Jones AV, Bench AJ, Goday-Fernandez A, Boyd EM, Vaghela KJ, Erber WN, Obeh B, Wright C, McMullin MF, Cullis J, Huntly BJP, Harrison CN, Cross CP, Green AR,

Journal:British Journal of Haematology

Date: 2009

Coexistence of inversion 16 in chronic myeloid leukaemia in blast crisis

Author:Catherwood M

Other Authors: McGrattan P, Lawless S, McConville C, Robson N, Lundy B, Humphreys M, Soverini S, Mills K, McMullin M,

Last Updated:22/10/2019


Original Source:ORCID

Type:Journal Article


Journal:Journal of Hematopathology


Date: November  2016


Comparative Selectivity and Specificity of the Proteasome Inhibitors BzLLLCOCHO, PS-341 and MG-132

Author:L J A Crawford

Other Authors: Walker H, Ovaa D, Chauhan K, C Anderson, T C M Morris, A E Irvine,

Journal:Cancer Res

Date: 2006

Comparision of Lymphocyte-transfer test and white-blood-cell grouping for organ donor selection.

Author:Nelson S D

Other Authors: Bridges J M, McGeown M,


Date: 1965

Complete array of HOX gene expression by RQ-PCR.

Author:Dickson GJ

Other Authors: Lappin TR, Thompson A,

Journal:Methods Mol Biol

Date: 2009

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