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A novel L218P mutation in NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase associated with type I recessive congenital methemoglobinemia.

Author:Arikoglu T

Other Authors: Yarali N, Kara A, Bay A, Bozkaya IO, Tunc B, Percy MJ,

Journal:Pediatr Hematol Oncol

Date: 2009

A novel mechanism for BCR-ABL action: stimulated secretion of CCN3 is involved in growth and differentiation regulation

Author:L Mc Callum

Other Authors: S Price, N Planque, B Perbal, A Pierce, A D Whetton, A E Irvine,


Date: 2006

A Radiochemical Assay for Lysosomal Carboxypeptidase A in Human B- and T-Lymphocytes

Author:G J Kelly

Other Authors: R F Murphy, J M Bridges, D T Elmore,

Journal:Clinica Chimica Acta

Date: 1984

A randomized trial investigating an iron-rich natural mineral water as a prophylaxis against iron deficiency in pregnancy

Author:McKenna D

Other Authors: Spence D, Haggan SE, McCrum E, Dornan JC, Lappin TR,

Journal:Clin Lab Haematol

Date: 2003

A Rapid And Sensitive Method For Measuring Cell Adhesion

Author:Wanhua Lu

Other Authors: Lynn McCallum, Alexandra E Irvine,

Journal:J Cell Commun Signal

Date: 2009

A Rapid Method for Identification of Surface Antigens on Fixed Cells Using Monoclonal Antibodies

Author:Markey C M

Other Authors: Alexander H D, Morris T C M, Robertson J,

Journal:J. Clin Path

Date: 1982

ABCB1 (MDR1) rs1045642 is associated with increased overall survival in plasma cell myeloma

Author:Drain S

Other Authors: Catherwood MA, Hodkinson CF, Kettle PJ, Drake M, Morris TCM, Alexander HD,

Journal:Leukaemia and Lymphoma

Date: 2009

Absorption of methotrexate under standardised conditions in children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Author:Pinkerton C R

Other Authors: Welshman S G, Dempsey S I, Bridges J M, Glasgow J F T,

Journal:Br J Cancer

Date: 1980

Acid hydrolase activities in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia lymphocytes; Correlation of cytochemical reactions with immuno

Author:Crockard A D

Other Authors: Macfarlane E, Markey G M, McConnell R E, Alexander H D, Agnew A N D, Morris T C M, Bridges J M,

Journal:Scand. J. Haematol

Date: 1985

Adiponectin is produced by lymphocytes and is a negative regulator of granulopoiesis

Author:Crawford LJ

Other Authors: Peake R, Price S, Morris TC, Irvine AE,

Journal:J Leukoc Biol

Date: July  2010


AINT/ERIC/TACC: an expanding family of proteins with C-terminal coiled coil domains.

Author:Lappin TR

Other Authors: Mullan RN, Stewart JP, Morgan NA, Thompson A, Maxwell AP,

Journal:Leuk Lymphoma

Date: July  2002

Allogeneic bone marrow transplant in Belfast- An outcome overview of the first 25 years.

Author:Cargo CA

Other Authors: Yates E, Marley C, Piggott S, McMullin MF, Jones FGC,

Journal:Ulster Medical Journal

Date: 2008

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