Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI launch Myeloid Blood Cancer Initiative

Dr Kathryn Clarke & Professor Ken Mills
Dr Kathryn Clarke & Professor Ken Mills

Despite advances in treating other cancers, the standard of care for patients with myeloid malignancies has not changed for decades.

It’s not for lack of effort, but, myeloid malignancies such as AML, MDS and MPN are complex groups of different subtypes of blood cancer with the survival prognosis often being very poor.

The Myeloid Blood Cancer Initiative will use advanced genomic technology to understand the genetic mutations in myeloid malignancies at diagnosis and during disease, we can then identify targeted therapies to inhibit these mutations and more effectively treat the cancer

It’s hoped that the results of the initiative will improve patient diagnosis, advance research capability and improve therapeutic options for patients with myeloid blood cancers. There is also potential for this to be rolled out to other blood cancer types

Dr Kathryn Clarke will be working alongside Professor Ken Mills on delivering this project.

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