I’m Still – David Gillespie

Last year, we recognised lives lost to leukaemia and lymphoma through our 99 Red Balloons campaign across Northern Ireland. 

This year, we are celebrating the survivors.

David Gillespie from Newtownards is one of these. It was revealed he had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in October 2003, when he was 20 years old. 

David’s symptoms were common: he felt tired and had no energy. He lost his appetite, frequently felt dizzy and was prone to severe headaches. Like many of us, he just thought he had taken too much out of himself. When he eventually went to the doctor, he found out he was seriously ill and began a long course of treatment. 

Alongside him throughout was David’s childhood sweetheart and now wife, Cheryl. She asked all the hard questions and took the information in. David just got on with getting better.

Now, David is 32 and he and Cheryl are parents to two young boys. In his spare time, David coaches football to kids in his local football club and enjoys a bit of fishing.

Always a team player, David pays credit to the team who supported him throughout- his doctors, consultants, hospital staff, and of course his friends and family.

After battling A.L.L., David is still coaching winners – and he’s still loving life.

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