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Cytokine-mediated K1-67 expression in Bcell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia lymphocytes

Author:McManus A P

Other Authors: Desai Z R,

Journal:Inter. Soc. Haematol

Date: 1992

Decitabine-Vorinostat combination treatment in acute myeloid leukemia activates pathways with potential for novel triple therapy.

Author:Young CS

Other Authors: Clarke KM, Kettyle LM, Thompson A, Mills KI,

Last Updated:22/10/2019


Original Source:PubMed

Type:Journal Article






Date: August  2017


Defining the landscape of resistance mutations in the context of modern treatment protocols for acute promyelocytic leukaemia

Author:JV Jovanovic

Other Authors: F Guidez, F Ravandi, E Duprez, M Patel, K Mills, M Aldouri, M Auger, AK Burnett, E Solomon, D Grimwade,


Date: 2009

DEK oncogene expression during normal hematopoiesis and in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML)

Author:Logan G

Other Authors: Mor-Vaknin N, Braunschweig T, Jost E, Schmidt P, Markovitz D, Mills K, Kappes F, Percy M,

Last Updated:05/11/2019


Original Source:PubMed

Type:Journal Article


Journal:Blood Cells, Molecules, and Diseases


Date: January  2015


Depletion of T Lymphocyte Subsets Using Monoclonal Antibody and Complement: Effect on T Colony Formation

Author:McCluskey D R

Other Authors: Kelly C J, Morris T C M, Bridges J M,

Journal:International Journal of Cell Cloning

Date: 1984

Deregulation of genes related to iron and mitochondrial metabolism in refractory anemia with ring sideroblasts.

Author:del Rey M

Other Authors: Benito R, Fontanillo C, Campos-Laborie FJ, Janusz K, Velasco-Hernández T, Abáigar M, Hernández M, Cuello R, Borrego D, Martín-Zanca D, De Las Rivas J, Mills KI, Hernández-Rivas JM,

Last Updated:03/11/2019


Original Source:PubMed

Type:Journal Article


Journal:PloS one




Date: 2015


Detecting DNA methylation using the methylated CpG island amplification and microarray technique

Author:Colyer H A

Other Authors: Dellett M, Mills K I,

Journal:Methods Mol Biol

Date: 2012


Detection and analysis of DNA methylation by pyrosequencing

Author:Colyer H A

Other Authors: Armstrong R N, Sharpe D J, Mills K I,

Journal:Methods Mol Biol

Date: 2012


Detection of carriers of Haemophilia A by restriction fragment length polymorphisms.

Author:Winter P C

Other Authors: Mayne E E,

Journal:Biochem. Soc. Trans

Date: 1989

Determination of Plasma Chlorambucil by Reversed Phase High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Author:Adair C G

Other Authors: Burns D T, Crockard A D, Harriott M,

Journal:Journal of Chromatography (Biomed. Aplic.)

Date: 1985

Development of a Radiochemical assay for Glycyl—leucine Dipeptidase in human B and T lymphocytes

Author:Karim A

Other Authors: Kelly G J C, Murphy RF, Elmore DT, Bridges J M,

Journal:Biochem Soc Trans

Date: 1980

Diagnostic Features of Adult T. Cell Lymphoma-Leukaemia.

Author:Catovsky D

Other Authors: O’Brien M, O’Brien C, Lampert I, Crockard A D, Johnson S E, Francis G E, Sharp J, Calton D A G,

Journal:Environmental Influences in the Pathenogenesis of Leukaemias and Lymphomas

Date: 1983

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