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Elevated TRIB2 with NOTCH1 activation in paediatric/adult T-ALL

Author:Hannon M M

Other Authors: Lohan F, Erbilgin Y, Sayitoglu M, O'Hagan K, Mills K, Ozbek U, Keeshan K,

Journal:Br J Haematol

Date: 2012


Enhanced lymphocyte interferon (IFN)-gamma responses in a PTEN mutation-negative Cowden disease kindred

Author:Stevenson R

Other Authors: Fatehullah A, Jagan I, Deevi R K, Bingham V, Irvine A E, Armstrong M, Morrison P J, Dimmick I, Stewart R, Campbell F C,

Journal:Clin Exp Immunol

Date: 2011


Enterotoxic effect of methotrexate: Does it influence the drugs absorption in children with acute lymphoblastic Ieukaemia?

Author:Pinkerton C R

Other Authors: Welshman S G, Glasgow J F T, Bridges J M,

Journal:Br Med J

Date: 1981

Enumeration of Absolute Numbers of T Lymphocyte Subsets in B-Chronic Lymphocytic Leukoemia Using an Immunoperoxidase Technique; Relation to Clinical Stage

Author:Markey G M

Other Authors: Alexander H D, Agnew A N D, McConnell R E, Morris T C M, Robertson J H, Patterson C C, Crockard A D, Bridges J M,

Journal:Br. J. Haematol

Date: 1986

Environmental, lifestyle, and familial/ethnic factors associated with myeloproliferative neoplasms.

Author:Anderson L A

Other Authors: Duncombe A S, Hughes M, Mills M E, Wilson J C, McMullin M F,

Journal:Am J Hematol

Date: 2011


Epigenetic Gene Mutations Impact on Outcome in Acute Myeloid Leukaemia.

Author:Young CS

Other Authors: Clarke KM, Mills KI,

Last Updated:30/10/2019


Original Source:crossref

Type:Journal Article






Date: June  2015


Epigenetics in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.

Author:McPherson S

Other Authors: McMullin MF, Mills K,

Last Updated:22/10/2019


Original Source:PubMed

Type:Journal Article


Journal:Journal of cellular and molecular medicine




Date: September  2017


EPO’s Alter Ego: Erythropoietin has multiple Actions.

Author:Lappin TR

Other Authors: Maxwell AP, Johnston PG,

Journal:Stem Cells

Date: 2002

Erythroblasts from friend virus infected- and phenylhydrazine-treated mice accurately model erythroid differentiation

Author:Hodges VM

Other Authors: Winter PC, Lappin TR,

Journal:Br J Haematol

Date: August  1999

Erythrocytosis –associated Hif-2alpha mutations demonstrate a critical role for residues C-terminal to the hydroxylacceptor praline

Author:Furlow PW

Other Authors: Percy MJ, Sutherland S, Bierl C, McMullin MF, Master SR, Lappin TR, Lee F,

Journal:Journal of Biological Chemistry

Date: 2009

Erythrocytosis associated with a novel missense mutation in the HIF2A gene.

Author:van Wijk R

Other Authors: Sutherland S, Van Wesel AC, Huizinga EG, Percy MJ, Bierings M, Lee FS,

Date: 2009

Erythrocytosis due to a mutation in the erythropoietin receptor gene

Author:Percy MJ

Other Authors: McMullin MF, Roques AW, Westwood NB, Acharya J, Hughes AE, Lappin TR, Pearson TC,

Journal:Br J Haematol

Date: February  1998

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